Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Mmmmm ... last night Sir and this girl had the house to ourselves for a few hours !!!

It did not take long before girl was tied securely to the bed - spread eagle - blind folded - gagged and totally exposed and vulnerable ... absolutely delicious !!

Then girl felt more ropes being fastened to the bed frame and lying across her body - one across her hips - two more across her breasts - one above and then one below - oooooooo !!

Soon after that she felt her tits being tightly and roughly bound and tied using another rope behind her back and the ones across her front - omg!!

In between all of the tying girl had a healthy dose of smacking with various leather implements - mmmmmmmm - and some serious beating on her so sensitive and bound breasts - especially her taught nipples that were stinging and making girl jump and whimper and gasp - ouch !!

Then Sir secured a humming and teasing vibrator on top of girl's clit with the help of the extra rope - fuck!!

More spanks and some good old fashioned pussy whipping just because !! Mmmmm - and some rough fucking with Sir's hard cock too so girl remembers who is in charge here !! (as if she could forget)

Omg - then soft and light and feathery sensations all over - mmmmmmm - tingling and spiraling in the dark - floating with the sensations - and the vibrator is back and teasing her clit again - oh shit ~ no permission to cum yet !!

Then the vibrator is pushing against girl's tight ass - mmmmmmmm and Sir's fingers are now working her clit - hard and fast !!

Breathing in rapid and intense - girl's entire body going rigid - struggling against the tight bindings holding her taut and spread open and defenseless to her Masters sadistic schemes - oh yesssssssss!!

"May i pleeeeeeese cum Sir !?!" girl manages to mumble through the tight gag - breathless - perched on the very edge of the cliff - a moment that hangs for a mere second but eternity as well -

!! "YES - CUM" !!

"Thank You Sir!! - Thank You Sir!! - Thank You Sir!!" - girl helplessly convulses - her body racked with wave after wave of pleasure - groans that sound more animal than human escape from deep withing her throat - mmmmmmmmmm.

As soon as her body calms - Sir unties her ankles - only to secure them above her head - mmmmmmmmmm.

He climbs above her and mounts her soaking wet and waiting and swollen and tight still quivering pussy - omg !! fuck !!

He slams into her hard and fast and entirely taken by lust and desire and a need to possess her that echoes from the beginning of time - the way females have always been taken by Men - the way they were owned and claimed and made submissive to Them ... total control and possession - she can barely breathe and she feels her mind flying higher - seeing flashes of bright color and willing Him to take her - offering her body as a sacrifice as best she can being bound so tightly - Growling He cums deep within her - His woman!!

Mmmmmmm - quickly the bindings are loosened - the gag removed - the blindfold as well - water poured into girl's mouth - she drinks hungrily what is offered her by Master - mmmmmmm - He scoops her up in His arms and lies back - pulls a cover over her - hmm, she did not realize she was cool and starting to shiver until then - mmmmmm - safe -secure - content - floating ... owned.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Collar

New collar (!)

Hmmm ... it triggered some unexpected emotions on Monday.

When it arrived ... very excited !!
When Master got home ... thrilled to show it to Him !!
When Master removed the one that girl was wearing ... "emptiness"
When Master fastened the new collar around girl's neck ... omg !!
When feeling it for the first time ... "not exactly as expected"

Very strange the flood of opposing feelings and thoughts that went through girl's heart and mind ... finally a phrase that could sum them up ... "It feels like christmas morning after all of the presents are opened."

It seems a little too large ... Master is going to fix it, just needs a small adjustment.
It seems so obvious ... it was supposed to be more subtle ... but it "looks" more subtle like a necklace ... but "feels" more like a collar.
It is very pretty and shiney ... hopefully not too much for this simple girl ... does she look silly?
It is very "stiff" feeling ... less able to forget it is there like the other collars that seemed to blend into her after a bit.

Hmmm ... this girl has been in her new collar for two days now and it is still feeling very different ... but better, feeling much more permanent than any of the others ever did ... she feels her mind bend slightly more.

*gemini girl*

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Thgemini girl welcomes those who wish to visit and read her musings. Some writings will be happy, some will be not, but she will always be honest.

The "slave" journey has been ongoing for this girl for the last 9 months ... it has been interesting and her exploring very worth it ... but this journey had almost ended for her as she struggled with the heaviness of her collar which Sir removed when she asked.

girl thought that everything would remain in place and stay the same regardless of whether or not she actually wore a literal collar or not ... she was very wrong. It had hurt MasterSir that she had in effect asked to be "released" from His collar (but girl was foolish and did not realize this) and she continued to "go through the motions" as did Sir.

It took two months before girl realized things were not right, she was confused by Sir's withdrawal and becoming more frustrated by her needs ... slave was awakening to the fact that she did indeed NEED her MasterSir's collar ... she needed His control and dominance ... she desired them to her very core.

Divine intervention placed a dear friend in her circle who was able to help girl see the truth ... to understand just what she had done ... it did not matter that she had not meant offense or to hurt MasterSir ... the fact was that she had done so ... she needed help to know what to do to fix these things.

That night girl stripped herself bare ... not only her clothing ... but her heart and mind and soul too. she humbly offered the chain collar and lock into MasterSir's hands ... bowed before Him with her head on the floor between His feet ... weight resting on forearms and knees with her ass high in the air and tears flowing as she choked out words she had been rehearsing.

Four days later, after much talk and many details set in place ... this girl and her loving MasterSir put pen to paper and set in motion a strict training contract that will endur for a 2 month period ... roughly how long it took for her to realize and rectify her carelessness.

girl will attempt to journal here on a regular basis ... she is also keeping a small notebook with her in order to be able to write her thoughts and feelings so that MasterSir will have further access to her ... there are to never be any barriers to communication ... and she keeps several other blogs as is true to her Gemini nature :)

she will continue to use strict 3rd person, which she has found to be very difficult when speaking ... it sounds so easy but is so hard to do ... and MasterSir helps slave keep count of her slips and lovingly gives her opportunity each day to count them off as they are paid in flesh and she may be given a clean slate to start the new day.

Time has become short and girl has assigned chores that she must attend to ... looking forward to sharing this adventure. Any contact is humbly requested to be respectful of MasterSir.

Love and Light,
:) gemini girl (: